One Of the Best Photographers in Miami and Los Angeles For Modeling Portfolios, Editorial, Catalog, & Influencers

Orbed Studios is now home to James Santiago as our resident photographer.  He works in editorial, magazine, test shoots, portfolio development, and catalog photography. Everyone involved in each photo session brings an awesome atmosphere to the shoot. It is important that this is second only to creating great photographs while remaining professional. It’s just fashion, so let’s have fun with this!

James is a fashion photographer who can find and build a persons modeling potential. He is able to get the model to look the part needed for a fashion editorial or model portfolio shoot. He is often shooting models for clothing websites in the Miami Keys. Shooting a fashion blogger visiting Miami Beach at other times. He helps new faces build their modeling portfolios. And enjoys the art of being a fashion photographer.

Top modeling agencies in Miami, are in search of models who can get different looks in their pictures. Models have always helped fashion photographers to capture great images. Because it is easy to buy digital cameras, there are many photographers whom expect the model to do all the work. Every model needs to start somewhere. Fashion designers who work with professionals don’t have time to train models. Modeling agencies must help a model to get experience. They send them on test shoots so they can build their books and get experience in front of the camera.


Since he was himself a model at the age of 15, James always had a knack to be a great fashion photographer. His photo shoots take him to Miami, Los Angeles & New York. Creative fashion concepts, edgy-styled clothes and scouting models is what fuels him. Fashion photography gives him the ability to tell a story behind the wardrobe. This happens with style, open-mindedness and a dedication to create an enjoyable experience.


When James is on set during a session, he finds and captures the beauty of each model. As a former agent, he has casted many projects for runway, editorial shoots, and TV commercials. Knowing how clients choose models ables him to help models portray the looks needed. Together, with talented make-up artists and hair stylists, commercial photographs turn out stunning. And spur of the moment and unforeseen events are no challenge for this photographer. He can adapt and work with whatever comes up.


From Miami to Los Angeles, he has helped many talented fitness models and artists to look their greatest. Making the artist or model comfortable is the first concern of his. A persons emotion and comfort level always come out in photos. As everyone has their own unique beauty, he fuels their personality so that they look as great as they feel. James is a user-friendly photographer that is fun to work with as well as being results oriented.

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