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James Santiago, former model and agent turned fashion photographer who works in editorial, magazine, and catalog photography, and has helped many new models and beginner designers to achieve some of their best looks and images, announced their new influencer opportunity aimed at helping upcoming influencers as well as their partners to get the some of their best images that are not always easy to come by without a high ticket cost attached.

Influencer Marketing is multi-billion dollar industry with a huge amount of competition. Social media influencers sometimes rely on professional photographers to keep their profiles updated with striking, beautiful photos. As well, the partners that they work with expect even more from the images as they are investing in the industry of influence. There are influencers who can’t quite compete with some of the more famous influencers and don’t quite have the experience of shooting professionally. And while there are amateur photographers who may gladly shoot for free in order to gain experience, they have not quite gained the experience to create editorial style images and don’t have the experience of the modeling industry behind them”

The Influencer Photoshoot Collaboration program will provide upcoming influencers and their partners with a no-cost photo session and will a creative co-partner that will allow influencers to experience a professional photo session virtually for free.

Fashion Photographer James Santiago loves to shoot and loves to help others in the industry obtain unforgettable experiences though photographs and the sessions involved in taking them. Just like offering new models help with portfolio development he has decided to do something similar for influencers, who are not working with an agency, to get them exposure to professional photography to help their influencer brand. Local influencers in Los Angeles and Miami, where James Santiago operates most of the time, can take advantage of this collaboration and can plan out their session that best fits their influencer strategy and style. It can also be a great experience for any influencer who happens to be traveling to the Los Angeles or Miami area as this opportunity is not limited to being a local influencer, but also to who just happens to be geographically available at the time of the shoot. So even influencers from Australia to Algeria can take advantage of this opportunity if they are planning on traveling to one of those locations.

There are no strict guidelines as to what kind of influencer he works with, but he sets a cap of working with influencers who already have enough exposure or those leaning towards a 1 million follower mark, and prefers to help those who seem to struggle with finding better photographers or have an apparent “need” for better photos as well. But there are exceptions if the idea is creative enough, unique in style, or happens to catch his mood, any influencer can take advantage of this opportunity be it with 2 million followers or 2000. Anyone who is interested in finding out if they can take advantage of a one-time free photo shoot for influencers they can apply below.”

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