Miami Photographer James Santiago

Miami and its beaches are the ideal backdrop to capture fascinating photographs. Fashion photographer James Santiago knows Miami well. He uses his knowledge of the area, his photographic skills and his knowledge of the modeling industry to capture the best images you’ll get from any fashion photographer. James focuses on each project from start to finish, while others may just do the bare minimum. James has over 25 years of industry experience, a creative eye, and a commitment to excellence on every set.

James Santiago’s portfolio shows his experience with top fashion brands, as well as his experience working in multiple facets of the industry. He always looks for the best way to capture the most compelling images, no matter what he’s working on. Beyond the actual production, James Santiago Photography spends time thinking about how to best reach the target audience, client, or agency through his images.

Miami is a wonderful place for fashion photography, and Miami Beach is a great place for swimwear. His Miami experience lets him scout great locations, produce fun shoots, and take awesome photos. Choose James Santiago as your Miami fashion photographer, and you can take advantage of all he has to offer.