Los Angeles Modeling Photographer - Fashion Photographer James Santiago

Los Angeles Modeling photographer James Santiago designs and creates powerful modeling portfolios that capture the character and look of the model. James always makes sure that each model gets the style they want by working with talented stylists and makeup artists. His photography is compelling and unforgettable due to the artistic vision and technical skills he uses.

Successful modeling photographers in California must be warm, talented, and willing to work closely with each model. As a leading model photographer in Los Angeles, James works closely with models and other creatives to capture flawless moments against this world renown subtropical setting. He’s involved in every aspect of every shoot, from the location to the editing of images. James Santiago brings exceptional skills and commitment to excellence to every production.

James is equally adept at taking photos and at taking videos. As one of the most top rated model photographers in Los Angeles, models often approach James when they’re looking for an update to their portfolios.