Los Angeles Lifestyle Photographer - Fashion Photographer James Santiago

James Santiago is one of Los Angeles lifestyle photographers who captures life’s telling moments in his photographs. With his talent, skill and enthusiastic professionals, James captures lifestyle images with a dedication to perfection.
James works closely with each client to create a lifestyle production that shares a story with the viewer, whether for editorial, advertising or commercial photography. His lifestyle shoots are produced with an unrelenting attention to detail, handpicked talent, and full involvement in every aspect of the production. His attention to detail allows him to exceed the expectations of each client, from scouting locations to designing lighting setups to personally retouching each photo.

James is a unique Los Angeles lifestyle photographer because he’s equally skilled at conceiving and creating his photographs. He always produces detailed images that tell a story, no matter what the desired mood is. Every session offers models and the creative team a fun, approachable, professional environment. The result is a rewarding experience that produces some of the best photographs that clearly convey the intended message.