Claudia Bertolero

Runway and model photos from the Claudia Bertolero collection at the Miami Fashion Week taken by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

A beautiful, impetuous and creative woman, fond of the equestrian sport, Claudia Bertolero was born into a Peruvian Italian family and was raised in Lima. Her life revolved around games, unforgettable summers and trips to marvelous places, and she left her childhood behind she focused her sights overseas putting into practice what her parents instilled in her: a good education. Claudia studied Business Administration & Marketing at the University of Miami and Fashion Merchandising at Miami International University of Art and Design, but it was her job experience at Prada that took her into the next step. Captivated by the fashion industry, Claudia decided to move to the fashion capital of the world: Milan. Just by taking classes of Interior Design and Textile at the prestigious European Institute of Design, strolling down the opulent Via Monte Napoleone and absorbing the culture from the well known Lombardy Region, she knew she was in the right path. However, while she was visiting her family in Peru, she received an unexpected present that turned out to be the long awaited inspiration she was hoping for; a horse. Her eyes opened to the fashion world through the equestrian sport and awoke her innate fashion touch. Her Peruvian Italian roots blended in with her spare time and her work, the elegance with creativity thus resulting in a product that is unique in its kind. After countless hours of hard work and inspiration, Claudia was determined at all cost to make her dreams come true. She won the first prize in two contests: the “International Contest for Young Fashion Creators” in Lima, Peru and the “International Contest for Young Fashion Creators at the Louvre´s Carrousel in Paris, France. Her eagerness for knowledge did not end there; as a life time student and a perfectionist, she completed her studies at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne in Paris, after being awarded a prize to study at this school. Winning was not enough, what she really wanted was to develop techniques, study languages and learn about different cultures. Currently, Claudia works at her Atelier in Lima, Peru, and she has received numerous awards, run countless fashion shows and made the cover of several magazines; these are but a few examples of how Claudia has grown into a well known Fashion Designer and a human being who touches your heart. Her passion for fashion and life are clearly revealed in her work. Fashion is her life but she has a special fondness for horses.
Like any fashion event, it’s just as much about the parties, models, and photographers, the red carpet and the street fashion as it is the runway. Miami Beach’s club, venues and hip eateries are packed with the jet-set crew of models, editors, photographers, writers and designers.

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